Glamour shots Cyprus’ coastline

We began the last stretch of our journey by trekking through Akamas, the promontory and cape at the northwest extremity of Cyprus. This area is a national park and considered to be Cyprus’ best-preserved natural area with unique biodiversity. While there were few locals for us to talk to, we did get to experience some of the most beautiful landscapes in Cyprus. Check them out for yourself:

IMG_7010.jpg The goats were the only locals we encountered. These fellas were particularly friendly.

IMG_7020.jpg Enjoying life on the trail.

IMG_7059.jpg Remnants of a small chapel overlooking Chrysochou Bay

buckshot A trailmarker is used as target practice. This was a common sight throughout all of southern Cyprus.

trail Downhill and towards the sea, our favorite direction.

rest As weather began to heat up, we made sure to take shelter from the sun during the hottest part of the day. This was our favorite rest spot.

camp sunset bivvy One of the many beautiful places we camped.

fish food After hiking for 14 miles, we were so excited to have a homemade meal!

Anna hiking vasili hiking petra tomb of the kings We never tired of the scenery.

pillbox On our last night of camping we used an old military pillbox as a windbreak…

camp meal …and had our favorite campside dinner.